Element Designed Products

Our extensive background and experiences in the service and support of world class products has taught us that off-the-shelf products often have gaps when applied to real world usage. We never enter into any client engagement believing that it is a “cookie cutter” implementation. We keep in mind client goals and objectives and collaborate with them on the best ways to implement a product for their business and their users. In order to create the best user experience and system adoption we sometimes go beyond a custom configuration and create a product that fills in a gap or bridges differing products.

Sometimes we feel that these are commonly occurring business challenges and productize these solutions. We’d be happy to demo any of these for you and your team.

Extended Dynamic Views (EDV)

EDV is a product enhancement tool, used to configure and optimize the performance of Open Text's eDocs dynamic views feature. EDV can display any combination of profile fields within the dynamic view folder tree, using any reasonable relationship between the view levels. EDV has numerous solutions for your dynamic view environment.

Element Barcode Loader

Element Barcode Loader enhances the use of wireless barcode scanners to synchronize barcode data to file system folders within content, document, and records management systems. Features include:

  • Configurable pre-validation checks

  • Automated data transformations

  • Automated logging and reporting

  • Adaptable input configurations, including job type detection and file format configuration and mapping 

Element Barcode Loader smooths out the often-cumbersome, manual process of fully integrating barcode scanners without the use of programming and APIs. With Element Barcode Loader, loading barcode operations can be as simple as docking the scanner.

Client/Matter Integration Framework Tool for eDOCS and iManage

Element can provide rapid integration of your eDOCS or iManage system with a variety of time and billing systems, ensuring that client and matter data are always synchronized. Our integration service features a modular framework that allows virtually any system with an open database to be used and customized to your exact specifications. iManage workspace generation and maintenance is included.


Ricochet is a file format conversion tool and a generalized engine to automate the stable and parallel processing of files; including to and from PDF. A shortcoming of many content, document, and records management systems is the inability to index the text of PDF format documents. Ricochet increases the value of these systems by automatically detecting any PDFs in a DMS repository that are not text searchable and converting them into OCR format. The outcome is a consistently searchable document repository and end-users who do not need to worry and what is and isn’t included in their search results.


Cerberus offers an error management console for consolidated system problem reporting. It greatly enhances the ability of system administrators to identify the source of errors and to streamline system maintenance processes. Cerberus includes Element’s eDOCS File Size Monitor, a simple, reliable Windows service that maintains the file size information in your eDOCS database, allowing you to receive prompt email notification of missing or zero-byte files.

Folder Monitor

Element Folder Monitor is a configurable Windows service that captures documents from file folders, performs complex metadata validation and transformation, and loads the documents into the document management system. With Folder Monitor, documents from multiple applications can be automatically loaded into a centralized document management system to provide searching and retrieval via a single user interface.

eDOCS Web Service

The eDOCS Web Service provides document and folder retrieval from eDOCS, as well as new content upload, via web services. It allows secure, multi-platform access to eDOCS without the architectural constraints imposed by the eDOCS COM/DCOM infrastructure.

eDOCS File Property Service (FPS)

This simple, reliable Windows Service extracts metadata from files stored in your eDOCS DM repository and populates that data to your eDOCS DM database. Currently, this takes two forms: File size information and Email Metadata. It runs on an ongoing basis in near real-time to ensure this data is actively monitored and reportable.

eDOCS DM is a robust document management system that has strong controls to ensure the integrity of documents. It does however live in an ever-changing environment, with a variety of tools and people that may manipulate document content. It can be difficult to identify 0-byte or missing files or generally query file sizes when the size of the file is stored only on the file system and not in the database alongside other document metadata. FPS monitors every file change and loads the file size into the eDOCS DM database within seconds of closing the document. This enables several possible functions:

  • Historical reporting and data cleanup of your repositories.

  • Size based charge-back to departments using your system.

  • Active, ongoing monitoring for suspect files (missing or 0-byte) including near real-time notifications.

  • Enabling reporting on file sizes (e.g. diagnostic reports to correlate reports of lost files with a Windows patch or a specific application).

  • Fast programmatic access via the DM API’s to the file size information (this can be a dramatic reduction in the time to perform this operation).

eDOCS FPS also extracts metadata from Outlook MSG files for population into the eDOCS DM database. Without FPS, this data is only populated when emails are filed to DM through the DM desktop client and Email Filing applications and only at the time of filing. Misconfigured workstations, lost configurations due to current user registry settings, emails imported through Document Import, data migrations, and loads of documents through API’s typically will miss the email metadata. Without email metadata loading into the database, profile searches using email fields return incomplete results, attachment indicators may be incorrect, and email threading related functions in DM may fail. This service centralizes the extraction and maintenance of this metadata to a single point which can re-extract metadata from all existing emails and from new emails on an ongoing basis. This ensures that your email metadata is correct, current, and complete for all your content, regardless of the source of the email while reducing the maintenance associated with maintaining perfect DM desktop deployments.

Each function can operate independently, is configurable, and can be used for a one-time operation and/or on an ongoing basis.

For any questions or a quote, please email us at:  sales@ele-ment.com